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Security Services

IFS Group specializes in security and access services with the provision of effective security solutions for a range of businesses. Conducting expert assessment and management of security and safety risk to your people, buildings, infrastructure and materials is our forte.

IFS only employs security officers of the highest standards. Our security personnel are a multi-disciplinary team who are professionally qualified to provide you with a range of security and access services. You will receive a professional, personalized and effective security service from our guards and operational team to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Site services: IFS has experience in providing tailored site services to a range of clients and industries, offering services such as access control, CCTV, security guard patrols, special event security, reception and concierge/visitor management and mobile patrol.

Patrol services: IFS understands that the visibility of patrol officers and vehicles can prevent security problems before they occur by increasing the safety of your employees and property. IFS offers the following patrol services: vehicle patrol, foot patrol, bike patrol and customized patrol service.

Access services: IFS can manage access service using swipe cards, bio metric entrances, electronic fencing through laser beams, which are all monitored by extremely high-quality security cameras.

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