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Cleaning Services

With our experience working in high-rise commercial buildings as well as large malls, shopping complexes and Green Star rated office buildings with the requirement of consistently high levels of environmental management, we understand the logistics required as well as the need for attention to detail, to keep these sites clean and presentable at all times.  Such cleaning services required working around people at all hours and times.

Window Cleaning

We can provide window cleaning services for internal, external and high reach glass. Our staff are well trained and have the experience and equipment necessary to provide our clients with a five-star service for commercial buildings.

High-Pressure Washing

We can provide High-Pressure Cleaning on hard surfaces. IFS has undertaken extensive research and invested in systems, equipment, and consumables that have minimum impact on the environment and the use of water-less cleaning systems enable IFS to have almost zero impact on precious water supplies.

Carpet Cleaning

We can provide Carpet Cleaning and steam cleaning of upholstery. IFS chooses the most bio-degradable and environmentally friendly products available and uses innovative equipment that ensures the highest quality of service is provided to our clients.

Hard Floor Stripping and Polishing

We can provide hard floor internal stripping and polishing. Our flexibility and experience allow us to tailor cleaning solutions in line with our clients’ specific needs and minimize any interruptions to the working environment.

Detailed Lavatory/Washroom Cleaning

We can provide your company with detailed lavatory and washroom cleaning. Our full color-coded cleaning system eliminates any possibility of cross-contamination leading to a clean, healthy and safe environment

Other Services

We also take care of trash disposal, grounds and common area cleaning, high dusting, and general floor care and maintenance.

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