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Ground Maintenance Services

IFS can supply ground maintenance services with experienced personnel, who also operate as care takers and passive security. IFS ensures that personnel are highly experienced and knowledgeable about weed and pest control, litter collection and maintenance of common areas. IFS personnel are knowledgeable about local customs and ensure they are respectful of all citizens entering their workspace.

IFS has experience in providing horticultural services to shopping centers, car parks, accommodation and similar facilities, making sure that the environment is well presented, safe and secure.

We have experience with planting and managing a range of vegetation. Ways we deliver on horticulture and grounds maintenance include:

  • Delivery of industry leading environmental practices

  • Comprehensive range of horticultural services

  • Qualified, trained and experienced staff backed

  • Pest and vermin control

  • Rubbish collection

  • Hard surface maintenance

Pest Control:

IFS can manage effective pest control for a range of properties with services including:

  • Bird control

  • Fly control

  • Mosquito control

  • Rodent control

  • Termite control

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