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Logistical Services

Our experience in working in the private and public sectors has required us to provide a multitude of both hard and soft services, either as stand-alone work of a single discipline, as bundled works packages, and through capital works projects.

Services provided to our clients include but are not limited to:

Customer Contact Service:

IFS can offer a 24/7 call center to support operational delivery, contract and works management – based in our North American Head Office in Western Texas.

The call center has the capability to manage every element of property, facility and asset management including financial management and reporting of contracts through the Helpdesk database, call logging, and work order management. Help Desk staff would be fully trained and competent in analyzing and prioritizing all work requests.

Mail and Post Room Services:

IFS provides tailored mail and post room services to meet your needs. Our services include:

  • Internal mail handling;

  • External mail handling;

  • Courier services.

Porterage Services:

IFS can provide porterage services, to ensure that your business is kept running cleanly and smoothly. The porterage style services we provide include:

  • Hotel porter services

  • Office porter services


IFS can tailor signage services to your needs, with experience in emergency signage, parking signage, access and traffic control signage as part of our traffic management and security services.

Space Planning:

IFS can provide space planning services for your buildings. We will consider the density of the office, energy impact and costing of the space planning to tailor services to your needs. With experience in office space planning to restructure and relocation of people to ensure for an efficient use of space, whether it is open planned or a closed office. Not sure of this sentence as something is missing?

Move Management Service:

IFS can provide move management services that are efficient from which we achieve minimizing your business ‘down time. For instance, we have provided move management services to a major airline, Jet Star, relocating one of their call centers within Australia, which involved working with removalists to move the center outside business hours in order to minimize the impact on work.

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