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Partnering with IFS provides you with absolute certainty of delivery. As an ISO accredited company, we assure all work is of high quality, environmentally sustainable and provides value to the client. We continuously invest in and seek new technologies to improve our services and remain competitive in the facility management field as well as improve and expand the lines of services we can provide.

Our staff are very important to us, in that we invest heavily in them and their development. From our recruitment process through to the comprehensive cross training and up-skilling strategies, our staff are motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic in the delivery of the services.

We stand by our ethos of ‘partnering for service excellence’ and strongly believe that this results in the provision of premium, client specific services, that guarantees quality and consistency at the highest level. You as the client can have the peace of mind that full services will be delivered.

We have confidence in our delivery capability as we have surrounded ourselves with a very committed work force on whom we have invested in ongoing training and career progression. We always seek to recruit locally where we can, engage from disadvantaged or vulnerable groups and support local charities. By being invested in the community, we can develop partnerships and relationships that last a lifetime.

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Houston, TX - (832) 369-5853

New York, NY - (718) 362-6026

Los Angeles, CA  - (773) 716-3919

Boston, MA - (617) 399-8126

Chicago, II - (323) 338-7035

700 Louisiana St, Suite 3950

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