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About us

Partnering with IFS provides you with absolute certainty of delivery. As an ISO accredited company, we assure all work is of high quality, environmentally sustainable and provides value to the client. We continuously invest in and seek new technologies to improve our services and remain competitive in the facility management field as well as improve and expand the lines of services we can provide.

Our staff are very important to us, in that we invest heavily in them and their development. From our recruitment process through to the comprehensive cross training and up-skilling strategies, our staff are motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic in the delivery of the services.

We stand by our ethos of ‘partnering for service excellence’ and strongly believe that this results in the provision of premium, client specific services, that guarantees quality and consistency at the highest level. You as the client can have the peace of mind that full services will be delivered.

We have confidence in our delivery capability as we have surrounded ourselves with a very committed work force on whom we have invested in ongoing training and career progression. We always seek to recruit locally where we can, engage from disadvantaged or vulnerable groups and support local charities. By being invested in the community, we can develop partnerships and relationships that last a lifetime.

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Remote Village Management and Offshore Accommodation Services

As a ‘home away from home’, we provide a suit of remote accommodation and facility support services in the mining and resource sector, which include catering and camp/village services and project work force, both for shut-down and long-term requirements for clients.

Our services comprise of total village management, which includes the following:

  • Travel & Transportation

  • Logistics

  • Hotel Management including bookings and storage of items

  • Housekeeping

  • Linen services

  • Security

  • Medical services

  • Remote wireless communications

  • Food & Catering

  • Lifestyle management

  • Mail management

  • Groundskeeping and yard services

  • General Maintenance/ Handyman services

  • Temporary staffing for shutdown services

  • Janitorial/ Cleaning

  • Drug & Alcohol Management

  • ATM services

  • Vending Machines

  • Kiosk Management

Our Commitment to Safety, Environment & Quality Standards

We recognize that managing our occupational health & safety is paramount to all key areas of service delivery, as is the case with environmental and quality responsibilities, which we consider as essential to our business’ success. We strive to meet these responsibilities through our management systems, which are closely aligned with our global accredited international standards of ISO, which are annually audited to retain our high standards and consistent practices, in terms of framework and certification ticks.

These systems contribute to the sustainability of our business by ensuring that we maintain the following initiatives:

  • Apply sound risk management;

  • Consistently provide excellent internal and external customer service;

  • Comply with our legislative obligations and wider commitments;

  • Communicate with and involve our employees, contractors and suppliers;

  • Build and maintain positive links with local communities;

  • Possess, develop and maintain necessary skills, knowledge and resources;

  • Make open and transparent decisions;

  • Monitor, measure and record our performance against targets to manage KPI’s;

  • Continuously improve, innovate and apply best practice principles.


This practice has been developed and is reviewed in consultation with our clients and our employees, our community and other stakeholders. The Executive Team is responsible for providing the leadership to support the development and implementation of this practice. Our managers and supervisors are responsible for demonstrating visible leadership in safety, environment and quality to ensure this belief and driving methodology is effectively applied at all times.


Assisted Living – Aged Care

We recognize that senior living and aged care environments can present a range of unique challenges for the managers of facilities created to provide a home for individuals in the latter stages of their lives. We have created highly tailored, essential support services for senior living and healthcare facilities, enabling our clients to focus on resident comfort and patient care. In line with our quality management systems, we have set a new benchmark in quality services and exceptional value for money; we work with care.

Through the integration of a range of services, from catering and housekeeping, clinical cleaning and waste management to groundskeeping and building maintenance, security, transport to name a few, we appreciate and understand how to work as part of your team to maximize the resident experience, which is critical to retaining service standards especially in this space.

We recognize the critical nature of prompt response times in terms of medical alerts and assistance where quick, easy-to-reach medical support within such facilities make all the difference to the protection of residents’ health and especially in relation to risk management with saving lives.  

  • Wireless Telephony – Quick communication response time between care giver and patient. Reduce staff fatigue.

  • Paging – Compact in design, keep your staff alert to emergency situations.

  • Bed Sensors – Increase patient monitoring and care. Bed wetting devices and bed exit sensors.

  • Dementia Monitoring – Integration of multiple inputs linked to analytics to protect patients at their most vulnerable.

  • Fall Sensors – Detect patient falls accurately and automatically alert care givers of the event.


In terms of the high hygiene standards required particularly in the Aged Care and Assisted Living space, we have developed a well-constructed cleaning specification to assist in ensuring that we are proactive in minimizing the risk of infection in aged care settings.  Our aged care support services are focused on strong safety practices in support of prevention and control of infection. We can provide trained and reliable services in the following:


  • Infection control

  • Sanitary services

  • Housekeeping and linen services

  • Accommodation and common area cleaning

We also understand how critical nutrition can be to the general wellbeing of aged residents, especially in senior’s living environments and our team of chefs and dieticians can provide a range of menu options to meet every resident’s needs. Working with fresh, seasonal produce, we work with our clients and the residents and their families to create a balanced, healthy, nutritional and appetizing menu to meet all tastes including medically controlled diets with calorie control.


Janitorial/ Cleaning Services

With our experience working in high-rise commercial buildings as well as large malls, shopping complexes and Green Star rated office buildings with the requirement of consistently high levels of environmental management, we understand the logistics required as well as the need for attention to detail to keep these sites clean and presentable at all times, which require working around people at all hours and days.

High-Pressure Washing

We can provide High-Pressure Cleaning on hard surfaces. IFS has undertaken extensive research and invested in systems, equipment, and consumables that have minimum impact on the environment and the use of water-less cleaning systems enable IFS to have almost zero impact on precious water supplies.

Carpet Cleaning

We can provide Carpet Cleaning and steam cleaning of upholstery. IFS uses the most bio-degradable and environmentally friendly products available and uses innovative equipment that ensures the highest quality of service is provided to our clients.

Hard Floor Stripping and Polishing

We can provide hard floor internal stripping and polishing. Our flexibility and experience enable us to tailor cleaning solutions in line with our clients’ specific individual needs and minimize any interruptions to their working environment.

Detailed Lavatory/Washroom Cleaning

We can provide your company with detailed lavatory and washroom cleaning. Our full color-coded cleaning system eliminates any possibility of cross-contamination in line with OSHA guidelines, leading to a clean, healthy and safe environment.


Other types of Janitorial Services:

  • Hospital and Surgical cleaning

  • Bio-hazard cleaning

  • Forensic cleaning

  • Pre & Post Event cleaning

  • Pre & Post Construction cleaning

  • High-security cleaning environments – airports and correctional centers

  • Cleaning food areas to HACCP standards


Other Services

We also take care of trash disposal, valet trash, grounds and common area cleaning, high dusting, and general floor care and maintenance.


Security & Access Services

IFS Group specializes in security and access control services, with the provision of effective security service solutions for a range of businesses. Conducting expert assessment and management of security and safety risk to your people, buildings, infrastructure and materials is our forte.

IFS only employs security officers of the highest standards. Our security personnel are a multi-disciplinary team, who are professionally qualified to provide you with a range of security and access services. You will receive a professional, personalized and effective security service from our guards and operational team to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Site services: IFS has experience in providing tailored site services to a range of clients and industries, offering services such as access control, CCTV, security guard patrols, special event security, reception and concierge/visitor management and mobile patrol.

Patrol services: IFS understands that the visibility of patrol officers and vehicles can prevent security concerns before they occur by increasing the safety of your employees and property. IFS offers patrol services such as vehicle patrol, foot patrol, bike patrol and customized patrol services.

Access services:

IFS can manage electronic access control, both with an existing platform or customizing a total solution, bio metric entrances, electronic fencing through laser beams all of which are all monitored by extremely high-quality security cameras.


Facility Support / Logistical Services

As part of our turn-key service solution to clients, our experience in working in the private and public sectors has required us to provide a multitude of both hard and soft services, either as stand-alone work of a single discipline, as bundled works packages or through capital works projects.

Services provided to our clients include, but are not limited to:

Customer Contact Service:

IFS can offer a 24/7 call centre support as part of operational delivery, contract and works management – based in our North American Head Office in Texas.

We have the capability to manage every element of property, facility and asset management including financial management and reporting of contracts through the Help-desk database, call logging and work order management. Help Desk staff would be fully trained and competent in analyzing and prioritizing all work requests.

Mail Room Services:

IFS provides tailored mail room services to meet your needs. Our services include:

  • Internal mail handling;

  • External mail handling;

  • Courier services.

Guest Services/ Porterage Services:

As part of our facility support service solution to clients, IFS can provide guest or porterage services to ensure that your business is kept running cleanly and smoothly.



IFS can tailor signage services to your needs, with experience in emergency signage, parking signage, access and traffic control signage as part of our traffic management and security services.

Space Planning:

IFS can provide space planning services for your buildings. We will consider the density of the office, energy impact and costing of the space planning to tailor services to your needs. With experience in office space planning to restructure and relocation of people, we can facilitate efficient use of space, whether it is open planned or a closed office.

Move Management Service:

IFS can provide efficient move management services from which we are able to achieve reduction in your business downtime and minimize the impact on your work.


Building Maintenance Services

All facilities, new and old have various maintenance, service and upkeep requirements with which IFS is able to assist. IFS is able to provide services to assist you in maintaining a functional, safe and attractive workplace.

When you run into a need where you require minor maintenance work at a site of any size, IFS can provide a handyman whether it is short or long term. This service can be either on a full-time arrangement, periodical basis, or alternatively on a rotational basis, covering multiple sites/locations, which could be during or outside of core business hours.

IFS can supply a range of temporary services, including builders and carpenters that are available for consultation, review and undertaking work on small, medium and large domestic and commercial projects.

IFS can supply the following services:

  • Extensions, re-modeling and demolitions;

  • Cabinetry and joinery;

  • Commercial and domestic construction;

  • Services and management;

  • Water treatment;

  • Cleaning, pre and post construction.

Building Fabric Maintenance:

All facilities, new and old have various maintenance, service and upkeep requirements with which IFS can assist. IFS can provide services to assist you in maintaining a functional, safe and attractive workplace.

When you run into a need where you require minor maintenance work at a site of any size, IFS could provide building fabric maintenance whether it is short or long term. This service can be either on a full-time arrangement, periodical basis, or alternatively on a rotational basis covering multiple sites/locations, which could be during or outside of core business hours.


Services that we can provide include:

  • Light fitting and fixture maintenance;

  • Aesthetic maintenance;

  • Squeaks, creaks and noises;

  • Furniture upkeep and maintenance;

  • General building maintenance;

  • Minor leaks and tap fittings and

  • Minor patch and paint work.


Grounds-keeping/ Yard Services

IFS can supply grounds-keeping maintenance services by experienced personnel. IFS ensures that personnel are highly experienced and knowledgeable about weed and pest control, litter collection and maintenance of common areas. IFS personnel are knowledgeable about local customs and ensure they are respectful of all citizens entering their workspace.

IFS has experience in providing horticultural services at shopping centres/malls, car parks, accommodation and similar facilities, making sure that the environment is well presented, safe and secure.

We have experience with planting and managing a range of vegetation. Ways we deliver on horticulture and grounds-keeping maintenance include:

  • Delivery of industry leading environmental practices

  • Comprehensive range of horticultural services

  • Qualified, trained and experienced staff backed

  • Pest and vermin control

  • Trash collection

  • Hard surface maintenance

Pest Control:

IFS can manage effective pest control for a range of properties with services including:

  • Bird control

  • Fly control

  • Mosquito control

  • Rodent control

  • Termite control


Environmental Management

We place an emphasis on environmental management and sustainability and seek ways to reduce  our carbon footprint. As part of our Green Clean initiative, we use reusable microfiber cloths to  reduce paper consumption and the need for harmful chemicals, but where chemicals are used, we  actively promote the use of biodegradable cleaning products that limit the harm to the environment. 


We also take steps to:

  • Reduce water and electricity consumption

  • Measure air quality and consumption of petrol as required

  • Ensure the use of biodegradable chemicals and recyclable packaging

  • Minimize safety hazards and risks associated with using chemicals

  • Reduce waste and our carbon footprint through supply chain management

  • Use HEPA filtration to improve air quality and create healthier environment

  • Use only environmentally friendly products/vehicles

  • Invest in Green solutions and initiatives

  • Adopt international standards to become a leader in the field of cleaning services

  • Eco–friendly approach to our services

IFS recognizes, welcomes and embraces its role as both a global citizen and a responsible  corporate citizen; we acknowledge that it is incumbent upon us to use our position and every  opportunity afforded to us to respect, preserve and restore the environment. Our aim is to be  conscious of all environmental issues that arise from our operations and administration and to  pursue excellence in minimizing the impact of our business and our clients’ business on our global  environment.

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